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Momentum Building

Momentum is building. We are seeing more and more people volunteer and express their support for our vision, as well as their eagerness to help shape it.

The candidate endorsement committee has been hard at work deliberating about which candidates to put forward in each electorate. We're getting very excited to present them to you in the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime, here's a little update accompanied by an 'ask' from us.

Growing Support

In the latest issue of Canberra CityNews, former independent member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and Minister for Health, Dr Micheal Moore AM, writes cynically that the major parties will now be ‘bombarding’ us with promises, making announcements of ‘amazing things’ and doing it through our letterboxes, our social media accounts, paid ads on radio and expensive campaigns on TV.

But he also points out that these amazing promises “will often be things that they ought to have done previously.”

Our sense is that his words reflect a common sentiment across our community. Many Canberrans have come to believe that after almost 23 years in power, the government has given up on really tackling the problems we're facing. 

That creates a huge opportunity and, more importantly, a desperate need for independents.

At a speech Michael gave at our First Town Hall, he said that he hopes a whole ‘raft of independents’ get elected:

“With the kind of support I’m seeing… there’s a really, really good chance that we can have a very different government than what we’ve had over the past 22 years.

“Canberra does need to see significant change in the ACT Assembly... it really is time for a change.”

We couldn’t agree more.

We Need Your Help

The resources of the major parties are a huge barrier to entry for indies, so we are now on the hunt for donors to help fund our campaign.

Any contribution you can offer to help IFC make an impact will be hugely appreciated.

You can donate here with every contribution going toward getting independents elected at the ACT election this October.

We are currently fundraising for an initial run of flyers, a-frames, pull-up banners and hoodies. The next set of expenses will be professional photography and videography to support the presentation of our candidates.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it already, check out this short excerpt from a powerful speech given by a prospective candidate for Murrumbidgee, Paula McGrady:

For more regular updates, you can follow us @INDforCBR on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,


Thomas Emerson
Independents for Canberra

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